Welcome to Stephen’s Green Club

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Stephen’s Green Club membership includes men and women who, wherever they are in the world, are happy to know they have a ‘home’ in the City of Dublin. A tranquil, yet convenient place to stay, relax, meet, and entertain. Would you like to join them?

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Events Spaces

It goes without saying ‘Membership has its privileges’ but, at Stephen’s Green Club, we are proud, happy and delighted to share our unique and historic premises with non-members, for a variety of functions and events. From regular networking events, seminars, and banquets, to weddings, birthday and retirement parties, you’ll discover a warm welcome, professional service and accommodating staff.


This is the best place in the city to host a private event. From the Georgian interiors and fabulous canapés to the wonderful staff and atmosphere – it’s the ideal place. I can’t recommend it highly enough to friends who aren’t members and those who are already. Henry B.


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